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Bitfenix Recon Fan Controller

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Hey everyone!

First thread on Overclock.net! Thought I would get some advice from you guys since this is the best computer forum in the world! Muahaha!!!

I have a Bitfenix Recon fan controller and I've run into a little snag. I hooked up 5 of my fans to the fan controller. I am trying to manually adjust the fan speed of each fan. When I lower the fan speed in manual mode, it lowers it temporarily, but then goes back to full speed. I can set the rpm to 0 and the fan will stop, but anything in between and it just resets the fan to full speed.

Am I doing something wrong?

I plan to hook up the USB to control it using the Recon software, but in the meantime I am unable to adjust the speed manually.

Also, I thought if I set it to Auto mode, it would automatically run the speeds of the fan about half? Not the case for me. It runs the fans at full speed whether on manual or auto.

Now when I click on the circular fan, the rpm will flash and show the fan speed I want (1500rpm on Corsair SP fans), but when i reclick or or not, it sets it back to the full speed of 2300rpm.
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Fans have a starting voltage and you are setting the RPM too low.

Use the manual option, start with the fans at full RPM and then lower it by one each time. Eventually it should start resetting the RPM to full, take that setting and up it by one and that will be the lowest RPM that they will operate at on that controller.

If it isn't lowering the RPM at all and just runs full bore all the time then you have a faulty controller.

The Recon is a poor fan controller in my opinion, had one for a while and it was problematic.
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Well I gave it a try on manual mode and no matter where I set the RPM it will not decrease. I can turn the fans off completely in manual mode. Thats it. When I switch to auto, it runs all fans at 100%. Is this definitely a faulty unit? If so, I'll just replace it and give it another go.
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Sounds like a faulty controller. RMA it and if it still doesn't work then get your money back and get a Lamptron FC Touch smile.gif
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