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Evolution of a PC/Evolution 3.0 [Rebuild Log]

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So Back in December I decided to upgrade my system and got a few new components. A Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5 Motherboard an AMD FX-6300, a Crucial M4 128GB SSD, 16GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 RAM, and about a month after that I upgraded my AMD radeon 7770 to a Gigabyte Windforce 7950. I had done a LOT of custom UV reactive sleeving and installed cold cathode UV lights for the sleeving. I had a Corsair H50 I had carried over from my Phenom II 720 BE build. SO this build does fit into the water cooling realm also.

Well about 3-4 months after I finished this build I began to have problems with my system. It could have been an issue with the motherboards ability to properly distribute power( I have read many reports of bad voltage regulation with certain revisions of these gigabyte motherboards). It could have been a power surge. I just have know way to know for sure. Well I had the processor and a set of my memory go bad, so I had to RMA a few things. Here are some pics of that build before what I am calling the evolution began.

Over the 3-4 months before things went kaput I did change my lighting a bit and may have changed CPU cooler a few times as well.

Preperation for a mod which will not be completed until right before everything died.

Fitting a radiator shroud after I had seen it done on some builds and will also be some pics of some mods I took from the same builds. I also installed a corsair link cooling and lighting kit at this point to control my fans and add some lighting to my new mods.
I do not have pictures of it during the process but I removed all but the parts of the grill that go across width of the top. So all I removed was the mesh itself. You will prolly also notice that I messed up my door in the process of cutting the hole for the fan grill. I ordered a replacement door that I also slightly screwed up, but I was able to salvage that one. Main reason I wanted it was for the plexi with no hole in it once I water cooled.

Well then the apocalypse hit my PC and I did not want to wait however long it would take for me to RMA a CPU, motherboard and RAM to have a working PC so I got myself some new Components. An ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z, an AMD FX-8320, 2 more sticks of memory and a second 7950 came into play at some point. You will also see the addition of some temporary cooling mounts and the start of adding the water cooling components to my build. Getting my placement planned out and starting to order a few components to get the idea of everything I will need to get. You will also notice the removal of most of the yellow sleeving in preparation for my theme with my water loop.

Its a simple picture but this is one of my favorite I've taken of this PC

Starting in late May/early June I began to process of buying the rest of the components that I would need. I went through many loop revisions before I settled on what I went with in the end. I started simple with just a double thick radiator on top a cpu cooler a single GPU system with a water block and the res and pump. Then through the process of a thread I started where I asked if adding a second 120mm radiator in addition to the 360mm I initially planned I decided on a 3 rad system with 2 GPUs... I somewhat figured if I am going to do this, I am going to do this all out. So here is a preview pic of everything I have for my build and a picture of something I did in Google sketchup when I first started planning and saving to do a custom water loop.

The loops is currently built and running but I had an issue with a video card and had to remove it to RMA it, I also get to be one of the first people outside of Mayhems to test their new Pastel UV Lime Yellow coolant. In the next few days I will be tearing the loop completely down and rebuilding it entirely with the second GPU back in and the new coolant inside. I plan to take lots of pics in the process of the the tear down and the rebuild. Also show a picture of an issue I have with the water block installed that is causing either coil whine or some sort of feedback on my video card. It was prolly my error when I installed it, but I was able to get a replacement set of thermal pads from swiftech and I am hoping it will stop the noise. Its not too noticeable with the door on but I like having it off and being able to look at all my work.

I look forward to all sorts of feedback and hopefully people like what I have done. I am proud of it as I am sure all of us who decide to water cool are.

And just to please those like me who cant wait for things. Here is a SMALL preview of what I have done. I had purchased a 7970 for this build and that is the card that is on its way back to me, so ignore the card that I ended up not being able to water cool that is in this picture.

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Alright so its been a few days and it took some work but I got everything drained and rebuilt. Did not take as many pictures of the tear down process as I would have liked. I tend to get into something and just blaze along. So here we go, time for some fresh pictures.

(Edit to include component list)

AMD 8320 CPU
ASUS Crosshair V Formula Z
16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600 Memory
Crucial M4 128GB SSD
Samsung 840 250GB SSD
2x Seagate 2TB HDDs
Samsung SH-223L DVD Burner
LiteOn iHAS-324B DVD Burner
OCZ ZX Series 850 Watt Power Supply
Corsair Link Cooling and Lighting Kit
Phoyba 15" UV LED Strip
Logisys UV Cold Cathode Lights

Now for the cooling bits:

XSPC Raystorm CPU Cooler
XSPC RX360 Radiator up top with 6 Corsair SP120 PWM Quiet Edition Fans
XSPC RS240 Radiator mounted on the bottom with 2 Corsair SP120 Performance Edition Fans
XSPC RX120 Radiator on the rear with 1 Corsair SP120 PWM Quiet Edition Fan
2 Swiftech Komodo HD7900 Edition GPU water blocks 1 on a 7970 and 1 on a 7950
Blue Anodized Monsoon Free Center Compression Fittings
Black Monsoon 90° and 45° angle adapters with Blue accent caps.
Bitspower 45° and 90° angle adapters
3 Bitspower Triple Rotary adapters
2 Bitspower Rotary male to male adapters
1/2" x 3/4" Clear Primoflex Advanced LRT Tubing
1 Alphacool 5 Way adapter
1 Danger Den Fill-port
Bitspower G1/4 Mini-Valve
5 Blue Monsoon Port Plugs

Got my replacement card on Monday and tested it before I installed the water block. Only pics of the water block install process though, we've all see a 7970 in a system before.

Time to put everything back together. Again I lack a few pics in this area as well.

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Time to refill everything

And now for the photobomb that is my build. I want to thank Mayhems for the chance to test this new Pastel UV Lime Yellow Coolant. I already posted a lot of these pictures in his club thread. Hopefully people here like what I did as much as everyone in that thread do. Cable Management is one of the hardest things to do in some of these cases unless you do a lot of custom wiring. I do not have the confidence in myself to do THAT much custom work. I am very pleased with what I was able to do with it. My side panel fits with no bulge and I can easily find any cable I need to.

Well that is it. Hope people like it, and I look forward to seeing what people have to say.
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So my PC has been through a few changes in the around a year I have had my current setup. Started with a Gigabyte GA-990FX-UD5 Motherboard and a AMD FX-6300 Processor. Like I posted in my original post had some issues and replaced the motherboard and processor.

So I went with an ASUS Crosshair V Formula Z and and FX-8320 and was stuck with my blue and yellow color scheme. But thanks to lots of components most of the red on the motherboard is hidden from view. So a couple pics of my old watercooled setup then onto the new rebuild.

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NOW onto my current log(sort of lol)

I am not going to post pics of the tear down. I had an issue with the loop and was having some sort of build up inside of my res and at least 1 of my tubes that I could visibly notice.

SO I tore EVERYTHING apart AGAIN for the seems like 20th time since I built the first water loop. Between GPU issues and other little problems it was too many for my liking.

Here is what I found in my tubing mad.gif Primochill Advanced LRT is not supposed to have any problems with mayhems fluids. Unless I accidentally got some Pro LRT in the box i received.

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Now onto the Acrylic Fun biggrin.gif

Since I knew I would have some easy connections I decided to do those first. That way I would waste the least amount of acrylic on these short runs. They worked out well since they were easy.

Now things started to get a little more tricky. Had to make some odd angled bends and went through a little more acrylic in the process of making the connections.

I know this connection isnt right and is causing a restriction but I am out of tubing for now and will fix it later.

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All filled and leak tested without UV lights on

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Now all lit up and looking killer in my opinion cheers.gif

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