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Hey guys! I am new to this thread and somewhat new to custom PC's.

I finished building my rig last night and I was extremely excited to watch myself soar through benchmarks... Unfortunately the computer wasn't.

I feel as if my computer is running way slower than it should and I fear there may be a problem. Nothing glitchy has happened when I play games , or ever for that matter. I just don't get the quality I was hoping for from a $1800 system.

I am going piece by piece trying to see if something is off. I am starting with my Kraken x60 "all in one" water cooler. TO be straightforward, I don't know that it is working.

Using Thermal Radar I am getting IDLE speeds of 38c CPU 46 &45 C for VCORE.

Also my radiator isn't even getting hot at all... that seems strange to me.

Could thermal paste cause such a problem, I would expect an idle CPU with liquid cooling to be running atleast 30 idle.

*************SIDE NOTE***************

I am still starting out with this whole investigation but maybe you have answers for other questions of mine.


AMD 8350 4.0ghz
GTX 770 4g OC
16G DDR3 1866
128 G Seagate SSD
I also have

Front Fan Blowing In
Back Fan Blowing Out
Radiator Fan Blowing Out.

MY 3D Mark Score was 6600ish. Hmmm

Thanks for the help guys!