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Logitech G500s availibility

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I checked Amazon and noticed the G500s isn't sold directly from Amazon and has only 1 review. Hasn't this mouse been out for a while? I should be seeing more than one review like the other mice.

I did see mention of cursor lag with the G500s in the forums. Is this the case of removed reviews for a complete failure of a product?
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I'd like to know myself. NEWEGG has this "discontinued".

I heard about a faint noise coming out of the mouse, something that could be sorted out via firmware.
I just ordered one last night from NCIX.com (my usual etailer).

surprisingly, every time I buy something, I only find posts and reviews telling about how great the stuff is.. Then When I purchase, I start noticing issues, firmware problems, and other glitches...

Honestly, I didn't pay much attention in this case, as LOGITECH, IMHO, was bullet proof...I guess it's not...
I'll receive the mouse this week, hopefully it works half decent.
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I purchased mine from Best Buy. They had it in stock before Amazon, Newegg or when the Logitech Store shipped.

As far as the user reviews go, it's usually when someone has an issue they would speak up. Anyways, mine worked correctly straight out of the box. I looked for the problems other people where having such as the whining or lag. It just worked as any mouse should. I updated to the latest firmware and I don't notice anything different.
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I was wondering the same. I'm looking to purchase a new mouse and was eyeing the g500s but the fact that Newegg and Amazon don't sell it really makes me wonder what the issue is. Especially when the g700s and g400s are both available. I would purchase the g700s but its a little bit out of my price range.
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It was set up as a Best Buy exclusive and will be available at other US retailers starting in October.
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