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So some may not have multiple computers at their disposal to boinc on but for those lucky few here is a way for you to connect several computers together without needing to buy a mouse, keyboard or even a monitor for each rig. I will be making a quick step by step guide to help one to setup a headless boincer. Just a little explanation, this guide is for setting up a program that lets you control a computer on your local network. Currently I only know how to use this for GPUs that have a DVI connector.

Step 1)
First thing you would need to do is locate 2 things: a VGA to DVI adapter (usually found with every new GPU) and three 68 ohm resistors from RadioShack.


When I went to Radio Shack I picked up the 100 ohm.

Step 2)
Youll want to make yourself a dummy vga

For a complete guide how to make a dummy vga adapter:

Step 3)
Once you have the adapter you'll want to have your keyboard/mouse/monitor plugged in and install TightVNC from link above on both computers. Best to start with the computer you plan to leave headless.

Step 4)
Pretty simple install




You can setup a password but because its only me I set as Do not use password. If you dont change this option you will have to reinstall TightVNC because it'll keep asking you for administrative password.

Step 5)
Once everything is installed correctly youll want to open up the TightVNC Viewer. Youll want to find your host ip of the computer that will have no monitor connected.

In the photo above youll see the icon for TightVNC viewer which is handy to have on your desktop. Few other things youll see are how to find your Remote Host IP and where to paste.

And there you go simple! If you have any issues Tex or I can help out. If you do it right it shouldnt take more than 5 minutes.
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