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I have been a long time reader and have just now decided to pop my cherry and start my first thread. I have gleaned all of the knowledge that I can retain from the forum in regards to overclocking my hardware and I have hit some roadblocks along the way. I will lay out my hardware configuration followed by my overclocks on the various components below.

Some background on the use of the machine. I am a competitive gamer who mostly plays BF3 and the upcoming BF4 when it releases. I play @ 2560x1440 108htz overclocked so I am asking a fair amount of my rig to maintain at least 108 FPS. I also concurrently record my gameplay @ greater than 60 and sometimes 90 or 120 fps for youtube @ either 2560 or 2048 depending on my needs using Dxtory. My goal is to drop below 100fps as little as possible.

Computer specs:
PSU: 700w Bronze PSU
AuxPSU: 400w
Z77 MSI Mpower Mobo
I7 3770k @ 4.902ghz on water (Kraken X60)
Sapphire 7950s crossfire 950mhz core/1700mhz mem
Sandisk 128gb SSD (OS)
OCZ Revodrive 240gb (1gbps)
32gb Patriot Black Mamba @ 2250mhz

Recording drives:
4tb Raid 0 (700 mbs)
4tb Raid 0 (pcie card)

Monitors: Overlord 2560x1440 120hz primary, Samsung SA-750 1080p 120hz second, Dell U2412M 1200p in portrait.

Max stable CPU settings:
CPU Base Frequency: 102.10
CPU Ratio: 48
Power/turbo: all disabled
Vcore: 1.38
CPU IO: 1.110
SA: 0.96
PLL: Auto
Vdroop: +100%

To get to the next multiplier requires 1.405 volts and stability and heat become an issue. Attempting to raise the BLK more has caused instability during gaming however shows promise. The question is where do I go from here? Temps under Aida/Prime/hyperpi are warm but acceptable at these clocks (80s). Do I need to delid to go further?

Max stable GPU Settings:
Core Clock: 950
Memory Clock: 1700
Core Volt: 1.050
Mem Volt: 1.7
Power Limit: +20
Fan speed: Aggressive

Both of my cards were champs when it came to the memory overclock however I have maxed out both sliders even using the extended feature in AB so going further is not a possibility. The core requires a bit more voltage to make it happy per clock than most cards however temperatures are stellar never going past 60 gaming and 70 benchmarking using Heaven. I did have my core at 1050mhz/1.150v stablish however during benching after about 10 minutes of testing my system did a hard restart. I assume I have reached the limits of what my aux PSU can handle however I may be overlooking something. I have been considering adding a third card however I am leery due to the bandwidth constraints of the higher rez/refresh setup. Using such a high pixel clock requires two bridges to function properly and AMD has never released a PCB style bridge like Nvidia so therefore I would be unable to populate both connectors. I wonder if I can get a dual width PCB bridge made....

Also considering I have only 3 full length PCIe connectors I would then Have to run my Revo Drive in a 1x connector with a ribbon cable. While on paper this would not be detrimental as the throughput would be 500MBps each direction which is within tolerance of the real world speed of the drive I am still leery. Perhaps I should buy one and see how it fairs, they are only 5 bucks after all.

P.S. Overclocking was done using linked mode. Is it better to unlink them and adjust voltages independently?

Max Stable Memory Settings:
Memory speed: 2200 (2250 after BLK bump)
Memory timing: 11,11,11,28
Memory Volts: 1.6855

The 32gb kit of Black Mamba 2133 overclocked easily to 2200 netting me 2250 with the BLK overclock. Honestly I have no idea where to go from here. I have attempted to tighten the timings to 10,11,10,28 with no luck adding a bit of voltage however once I break 1.7 volts I have intermittent corruption on the desktop (lines randomly going horizontal).

Considering what I have told you in regards to the use of the machine and the overclocks achieved thus far where would you go from here? First and foremost I am looking for the FrameRate to stay above 100 on 64 player servers while recording however that framerate is for naught if I introduce unacceptable delay in the process. The good news is that I have caught the bug. Overclocking can be amazingly rewarding and is a load of fun.

Thank all of you for your help.