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Need New Mouse / Got QcK+ Pad

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This is my first post on overclock.net wave2.gif even though Ive come here for years to read stuff... Ill try and be as clear and concise as possible... thumb.gif

Im currently using a g500 mouse from logitech and Ive had it for years... nice mouse for browsing and Ive been able to wreck face with it in all my games Ive played but Ive really noticed the limitations of the sensor in regards to precise aiming (jitters and jerks) and its gotten to be quite a burden over the years... so heres what I need...

I need a mouse with:

A sensor that can work on a QcK+ (preferred but not needed) and run up to at least 1900 dpi without any serious reduction in accuracy or precision (I play various game genres like mobas, fps, rts, etc...) and doesnt have any gimmicks or bs attached like angle snapping or acceleration issues.

A large area to grip, preferably a palm grip (I want to try and retain the form factor and size of the g500)

A sturdy build that isnt going to fall apart in half a second or at minimum a warranty that will protect it from defects...

Now Im assuming based off what Ive said that I should be looking at optical mice like the g400 or deathadder 2013 however Im not fully convinced as to what I should do and whether or not there are other mice I should be looking at like a Zowie or something...

I know that the Deathadder has a braided cable which makes it more appealing than the g400 (wire issue) but the click issues with the Deathadder scare me as do the fact that Ive always known Razer products to be inferior, overpriced, and gimmicky catered to ignorant people... and Ive heard the Razer software and drivers can really blow big time in terms of functionality...

I need some opinions as to what I should buy or take a look at... sell me on a mouse

Remember I need an accurate and precise sensor and a large grip area with a sturdy build.

Also money is no object but I dont want to pay for luxury if Im getting a hoopty...
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1. What's your grip style?
Palm / Fingertip

2. What's your sensitivity?
Up to 1900 for FPS games

3. What's your maximum budget?
No max

4. Do you want additional buttons?
Would like buttons on the side for my thumb

5. What games do you play?
RTS, FPS, MOBAs, but mostly FPS

6. Do you mind about prediction?
I dont want any prediction or other gimmicks

BTW I switched from claw grip about 4 years ago... to palm grip / fingertip... I just prefer the palm grip mice because I have huge hands... and the smaller mice cause me to almost grip my hand into a fist to use... I dont want to feel like Shaq trying to shooting free throws...
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Was gonna say Zowie but then saw that you have huge hands.. In that case, I'd go for a G400s or a G400 if you can still find one smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Emospence View Post

Was gonna say Zowie but then saw that you have huge hands.. In that case, I'd go for a G400s or a G400 if you can still find one smile.gif

I thought the G400s had some new sensor technology that made it inferior to the g400 ?
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Also Im not sure how big the deathadder is compared to the g500 but I read about synapse requiring you to be online to fully utilize the mouse software unless you register with Razer which I dont want to have to go through assuming I had to pick the DA...
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And can someone explain to me what difference the switch type in the mouse makes ? Ive read people talking about huano and omron switches but I dont know the pros & cons of each or which mice use them... Is it sort of like cherry mx switches are to keyboards? Ones great for FPS games and anothers great for clicky spam oriented games or what ?
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WTB replies / responses whistle.gif

Its late so Imma go to sleep sleepysmileyanim.gif, hopefully someone can direct me in the right direction for this... Ill check back on the thread tomorrow afternoon I guess...
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Why 1900 cpi? Thats just nuts. Did you manage tog et used to such a high speed or do you reduce the speed in windows/game? (Dont do that.)

1900 is a terrible value to get used to, limits you severely in your sleection smile.gif.

G400s is i think super similar in shape, so if you are happy with g600 thats worth a shot. Shape is easily the most important aspect. With that high cpi you for sure have no LOD issues, so you should do great with an optical sensor (QCK+ is also ok for that).

Regarding switches: Huano can still not convince me, I am an Omron fanboy. In my opinion still the best click feeling with reasonable effort for manufacturing.

Huano was originally more stiff but was more adjusted to be within a similar range as Omron. As i dont have confidence in that brand/factory and no experience besides a single unit of EC/AM/FK/Mico each I really dont want to comment on the switch too much. However i have experience with many many many models with omron switches and they never dissapointed so far.
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Originally Posted by Skar View Post


Why 1900 cpi? Thats just nuts. Did you manage tog et used to such a high speed or do you reduce the speed in windows/game? (Dont do that.)

1900 is a terrible value to get used to, limits you severely in your sleection smile.gif

When I switched from my laptop (800 x 600) about 4-5 years ago, I felt like my mouse wasnt moving across the screen fast enough on 1920 x 1080 so I upped my dpi... I played at 800x600 on my laptop...

Im aware that its an awkward number and I know alot of mice have an 1800 dpi cutoff limit which makes it more strange...

Im not really the type of person that likes being forced to lift his mouse off a surface to move my cursor either so I guess that plays a part in it too...

I used to run with a claw grip on my laptop because I had one of those mini laptop mice... It didnt fit in my palm, it was swallowed by it... I felt like I was grabbing a pinch of salt to sprinkle everytime I played... but I still managed to do pretty well...

I could adapt to another mouse, I just cant have a super tiny one... thats why I want to see who knows what...
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How many centimeters (or inches) does it take you to do a full 360° in FPS games? Your needed DPI depends on that, your screen resolution width and horizontal FOV.
You're not going to lose accuracy if you do your math right, but we gotta know that cm/360 before we talk DPI.
In terms of feel, given the same "real sensitivity", you shouldn't feel any difference between 1900 and 1800.

You can use this http://www.funender.com/quake/mouse/index.html to calculate how much DPI you need. (and to learn a lot of stuff)
It is for quake but the DPI calculations work for every game, in game sensitivity will be different but just play with it untill you get your cm/360 right
Keep in count that modern dual sensitivity shooters scale sensitivity down with FOV reduction while ADS, either proportionally or by arbitrary amount.

Pardon me if I'm telling you things you already know but by what you've written until now it doesn't seem like it.

As for mice the G400 is best for 800/400 dpi, 3600 jitters and 1800 is interpolated from that. I have one and I love it but I do use 800dpi.
The new version has the same sensor, they're just using it differently, 800/400 DPI should hopefully track the same (actually I'll dig up more info on that), I don't know/care about the other steps.

Braided cord is extremely overhyped!! It's not really snagless as they say. If it's there good, but don't base a decision off of that.

As far as I know the DA is one of the best if not the best 1800 dpi mouse (again depends on your priorities) and there are a lot of good threads here and on other forums on troubleshooting.
Though if you end up being a mid/high-senser your IPS requirements will be a lot looser. Zowie mice could be a serious option then.
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