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Basically this motherboard ticks all the boxes and doesnt have the features that I wont use ie. wireless, 2 lan & something else I cant recall at the moment. . It also has everything I need . The price is at the maximum level I would pay .

What I want to know is just how reliable is this motherboard and what issues it has ( they all have issues ) . Not after recommendations for other motherboards but feel free to either talk me out of it or recommend the hero.

Also does any Hero owner have a recommendation for memory ? ( saves me another thread in another forum ) It will be either 16GB or 32 GB.

So far I have crossfire 2x7970, SSD Corsair , Corsair TX850W PSU, Corsair H50 CPU Cooler ( I think ), Asus Xonar Essence STX PCI-e soundcard and will all go in an old big Coolmaster HAF case. Overclocking will be mild........

what I need :

Maximus VI Hero ????
1150 i7 4770K
Memory 16gb or 32gb