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Zotac GTX 770

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guys need some inputs, is zotac a great brand of nvidia gpu? im planning to buy there zotac 770, are they reliable? durable and great with warranty? how about the performance of this card, it is very cheap here and my budget can only afford this card, can no longer stretch it to EVGA, MSI ASUS gtx 770 smile.gif

my system is i5 3450
asus h77
560w seasonic gold psu
8gb g skill
500gb hdd
1tb hdd
lg dvd drive
6 case fans

and another question can my PSU power this card and my whole system? thanks
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10 bucks more than what a reference 770 is supposed to cost. Surely you can do 10 bucks more. (Even has a 10 buck rebate to be 400)

Which means once you get your rebate, you've paid the same price as for the Zotac

I've never really dealt with Zotac, but I haven't seen them in the top builds on here, and so I would say no. It probably isn't a great brand.

Also, the MSI Twin Frozr 770 is 400. I had to ship those back to amazon though. Fan squeel within a month.

EDIT: You definitely want to look into a different PSU, the minimum recommended is a 600. I'd get a slightly bigger one to give you a little headroom as you don't want to stress your PSU out.

Do you already own the PSU? If so, you could always buy the card, and if you see it starting to stress your PSU, underclock your card a bit.
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the price difference here in the Philippines is very big
that Zotac cost around P18,000 while EVGA 770 SC w/ ACX Cooler P23,000 thats why i choose zotac becaue it is very cheap

some says that i will be fine with my PSU for my GPU and my whole system, it has a 46A in its +12v and the 770 only needs 42A, whatever that means lol

i have no more budget for an upgrade for my PSU frown.gif
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Check and see how much the Asus one is. Maybe that isn't a huge price increase. If not, the Zotac should be fine. Just try to get as many reviews of it as you can before you make your decision.
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