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Epicgear Blade - small review

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Price 30€
First of all, it probably incooperates the 3050 - which, even though the 3090 is highly praised as the only go-to sensor atm, is completely fine unless you really hit high control speeds (hello, 80cm/360 users). More
I am using it at the 1500 dpi step (2000,1750, 1500, 1250, 1000, 500, 250, 120, 60, 30 available) and it works pretty well:

Using the 1000 and 500 dpi steps significantly reduces the little "jitter" when moving the mouse slowly.
Unfortunately I dont know how to get Enotus to work so I cant give oyu more insight there. Hz stays at a constant 1000 though. Solid.
Build quality
The coating is pure rubber. The shape is genious! For big to medium sized hands this is a great palm-gripper with a twist as you will use the ring finger to grip it. Feels very good! (see this image for size comparison http://cdn.overclock.net/2/2c/900x900px-LL-2cbb2112_5yAmQum.png)
Its using omrons with 5million lifetime, no idea which - but they are reeeeeeaaaally clicky and really easy to click, but not too easy to accidentally do. Semi-autos are a breeze with these - similar to my mx518 after 2 years of heavy use.

The sensor is picky though: on my Puretrak complexity (deep black pad with medium friction) it does not really want to track well at all. On my Talent - almost flawlessly as seen in pictures. It has no visible light so I assume its infrared.

-avago 3050
-very good build quality and a fresh new shape
-very cheap
-pure rubber is ofc slippery for dry hands so you need to warm up first
-avago 3050
-no option to change HZ down from 1000

Still, a highly recommendable budget mouse with a new, unique and very comfortable shape!
I will buy the Cyclops as well now, which is using the 3090. Will report in on that one. But if the quality is anything like the Blade, it might be my new to-go mouse.
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NVM its awesome.
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