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Originally Posted by lcampbell89 View Post

I was thinking of going with a pixel perfect offer. But honestly not sure if it's worth it. And for connections is the EVGA 680 classified going to be okay? And will it be okay for more than one of them in the future. MY understanding was its only the DVI dual? Can I get a DVI dual to displayport or hdmi adapter?

You would be ok for 2 of them off the classy. You need Dual-Link DVI outputs for each monitor which you have two of. If you want to power a 3rd monitor off that card you would either need it to have multi inputs(not overclockable) or use a Displayport -> DVI ACTIVE adapter (the ones with a USB power cable). The passive DP->DVI only uses a single channel and the active adapter converts the single channel into dual channel output.

I believe Vega had previously said he had overclocked a catleap 2b (1440p) using an active DP->DVI converter but i don't recall how high he could get the refresh nor how stable it was.
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Thanks. Then for glossy vs matte what's the difference? Glossy not the better choice I know you had recommended for matte finish. Also does hdcp the compatibility with matter I think I saw the xstar is hdcp compatible? And do you can think getting it off qoo10 would be too sketchy to try?
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Non-pixel perfect if you dont mind the possibility of opening up these monitors to fix any BLB (mine was really really bad) - it doesnt seem to be as rare as you'd like. With a little work it seems pretty easy to debezel the QNIX monitor though.

Pixel perfect doesnt really mean they'll check it before shipping it out - just that you have more to negotiate a return/exchange if you need

I prefer glossy, i can control the lighting conditions - and the image quality cant be beat if youre able to have a backlight.
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Just pulled the trigger on an xstar dp2710 matte for 279 as well as a 3 monitor the stand from Amazon. So we will see how this goes!
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