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My somewhat old ducky dk9008-a w/ mx browns are having an issue where when I boot up my computer, or unplug/replug the usb cable, the caps/scroll/num lock keys will light up for a split second and then I'll get a "USB device not recognized" in Windows 7. I never really moved it around or touched the cable so this is really bugging me. It also seems like it is way past the warranty, which is listed as 1yr on Ducky's website.
I found a video which exactly highlights my issue:
I realized through google that I could potentially fix the problem via soldering, but I wouldn't want to perform such a task on what should be a quality product. If I need to purchase a new keyboard, what brands have the best warranty / build quality? I would like to avoid any further issues with mech keyboards since I really enjoy typing on them, and using this backup rubber dome is killing my fingers ;(