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Korean monitors, heeeelpppp

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So I remember quite awhile ago there was a big craze about the 2560x1440 ips korean monitors for silly cheap amounts of money.

How are they doing now?
Have people who bought them had any issues?

Has any monitor brand in particular surfaced as the best?

I'm looking for a 1440p ips monitor, don't really care about over 60 fps.

Also, does anyone know if the hdmi output from a 680M, the laptop card, could output 1440p?

Thanks guys.
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I'm using an Overlord tempest monitor X270OC 1440p at 120hz since January 2013 and absolutely love it.
It does have some quirks at 120hz thought:
-need to patch every driver release from Nvidia
-sometimes I get a humming sound from the 2B board
-some screen door effects (can be fixed using a program called deliner)
-I ordered a pixel perfect monitor and received 1 dead pixel but I won;y bother RMA it due to the hassle and shipping cost

for me, I don't mind dealing with the above issues because gaming at 1440p at 120hz is absolutely amazing!!!
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I have a QNIX running smoothly at 96 Hz, for $300 these monitors are insanely good buys. The housing for the panel is pretty cheap though, and at the bottom centre of my screen my taskbar is ever so slightly cut off. I ordered a 0-2 dead pixel deal and got one stuck pixel in the top left hand corner and minimal back light bleed.
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