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Thanks again for the response. I am positive that I will be going with UT60 rads for the build, and as far as fans, I think i'm now leaning more towards the BGears Blasters. I had seen them brought up in an older set of posts here and elsewhere. Of course just like anything else, people had reviews (good and bad), but the main thing is they are rated for quite a high static pressure so that's definitely a plus.

As for a fan controller, I would like to get an LED one, which i know is just personal opinion, but at the same time I did find one that BitFenix manufactures that looks pretty nice. It's the BitFenix Recon. It's a five channel fan controller, and it's just a simplistic LED design, and it looks like it's very easy to use. Other than that I'm not sure if I really need a fan controller for sure. It would be nice to be able to control the speeds of fans based on their location, and purpose, but at the same time, if they just run at close to max all the time, I guess that's not a big deal either. At least they'll keep the system cool all the time, and that's more or less what matters.

As for the pump, well i'm not sure if i should use a dual pump or single. I'm sure a single would work fine, and I honestly think i'll probably just go with the MCP655 PWM version. I'm planning on buying the pump as a single unit (without the top) and then purchasing the EK pump top for it and connecting the two. I also don't really plan on having the reservoir mounted to the top of the pump anyway, so I think that will be a pretty good setup. It's a little more pricey than the MCP35X, by about $40, which isn't too bad but just personal opinion and for the fact that I do want to keep everything uniform from EK.

Also, yet again i have another question that I have looked up but i'm not fully convinced on what I should go with. I know it's my own choice, but anyway, what kind of coolant do you run and is your setup in colored tubing. I'm trying to figure out if I should go with UV Tubing, or UV Liquid. On one hand the colored tubing looks pretty cool and they have it so that it reacts to UV lighting. But they also make UV coolant that makes the loop look pretty cool, even while in the Res. So now just need to decide between the two, because I have seen a lot of people say that dyed coolant is bad and can cause gunk to build up in your loop, and it eventually stains blocks, the res, and the tubing (which isn't a big deal to me at least). I would like to use Mayhem's X1 coolant, which from a review of a list of coolants, is probably the best on the market, but not totally sure if I should do so. Also with that said, I have heard from a lot of people that the X1 coolant is actually very good and no one has really had any problems with anything other than the staining but that's just going to happen over time.