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FX 4170 first overclock!

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ive been reading guides on this site for years. so i figured i would give it a shot and post my results.
if anyone could give me advice of what i need to change/fix that would be great.

some questions i have is, other then the core voltage. what els should i lower to get my cpu to run cooler?
what value( nb freq. or ht link speed? maybe?) does my ram need to be 3x higher for an efficient OC.

cps is stock 4.2@1.412v
im using a coolmaster v8 after market cooler
sabertooth 990fx for a mobo.
patriot viper 3 ddr3 2133 stock @1.5v
rosewell thore v2 gaming case.

tested with prime95 blend and fft temp never goes over 55c .after an hour or so.

ill be happy to provide any further info regarding.
and ive attached some crappy looking screenshots to go along with.

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i bumped my ram down to ~2000mhz and its hickuping( doing little tiny freez here and there).

what would make it do that?
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no suggestions?


any feedback would be great!

what should my NB be at 2600? ( thats the stock speed)
if my ram is at 983MHz (1966 overall) does that mean that my NB should be at least 2949mhz?(983 X 3 = 2949)

how does that work?
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I think the NB should be fine at 2600. The rule where the NB speed should be 3x the RAM's base speed applied in the Phenom II era, but I'm pretty sure that tweaks in the FX memory controllers make it unnecessary.

Great case layout and cable management could assist in keeping your CPU even cooler than currently, although 55C should be fine.

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