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i'm going to shamelessly repost my geekhack post, would be awesome if any modders could take a look at the pictures on the site and say if it even can be said how the switches are mounted, i'd love to pick this up and get blue switches in there, if possible without desoldering the original ones.

hmm, it looks really intriguing....

scroll down to the detailed pictures guys, those switches do look PCB mounted to me, am i right? if so, one could replace them with other types, right? smile.gif

further on, caps are ABS with print, so likely crap. i do like the case however. what i'm afraid of, is this declared full NKRO, which might mean some jerky controller of the likes of noppoo choc mini (which claims full NKRO over usb, but people report problems about it not working in the BIOS, as an example)

i just might order this, if someone can deny/confirm that the switches can be swapped on this without soldering.