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Hi All,

I have a problem with my GTX 670.

Last week, I started my computer as usual. Watching youtube, facebook and gaming.

Then I noticed on the youtube site, I watched every video for about 50 seconds( My fraps captured the frame of 30-33fps), it dropped down to 10-12 FPS and the video itself Lag. First I was suspicious that I have too much cookies, plugins or viruses, so I disabled and deleted everything and start again, update the driver(I don't want to use Beta driver), Nothing works.

Then the next thing I realised, when I left my computer in idle for about 50 seconds like youtube, the GPU reached 99% of usage and hit 60c. Once I move the mouse, every become normal, the usage drops to 0% and temp drops to 32c. And still continues everytime I left my computer in idle.

And now, nothing solve..

Please help me.

Thank you,


i7 3770K 4.4GHz
GTX 670 3x windforce
Win7 64bits
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