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So, I've been researching this a bit over the past couple days, and I'm leaning towards sticking with Sandy Bridge and re-using the processor in my current system (i7 2600k). I've read the upgrade isn't really worth it if you're on SB. Would most of you tend to agree? Basically, I have enough money to go either way, but just because I have the budget doesn't mean I HAVE to spend all of it.

I am doing an mATX build in a Corsair 350D, with possible SLI/CF in the future, which is why I haven't really looked at the Gigabyte Sniper boards. I was looking at the Maximus V Gene but it still goes for $200+. So I was looking at the ASRock Fatal1ty Z77 Professional-M as it seems to have a lot of nice features as well, but only costs $125. Now keep in mind I have the money to go with either board (or even any other suggestions), I just want to get the best Z77 mATX board I can get for the money. This is primarily a gaming build and I do plan on overclocking (overclocked in the current build as well).

So, out of these two boards, which would you go with and why? Any other suggestions? Should I stick with SB or go Haswell?