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Eizo FS 2333 vs Samsung S23A700D

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Thinking about switching to ips for better color, but I'm wondering if it will even be worth it since the Samsung has good colors on its own. Has anyone compared the two? Any opinions?

Please no 27" recommendations.
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I'm currently using the FS2333 but I can find very little to no feedback on this forum. The S23A700D cannot compare with the FS2333. Other than the obvious features the Samsung is not a IPS panel, no height adjustment, no swivel and from the looks of it the Samsung uses a glossy panel.

There is one thing I noticed about the FS2333 is it's overdrive feature. There are 3 settings, Off, Standard and Enhanced. On Enhanced mode there seems to be quite a bit of ghosting. This is most noticeable when dragging a window left and right on screen and I begin to see ghosting with the text. When left on Standard ghosting is more blurred and not as noticeable.

Do we have any other FS2333 owners out there?
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The Samsung's are reportedly among the best TN panels, so they aren't like other TN panels. The viewing angles on IPS will be better but the colors on the Samsung are already pretty good.

One thing that needs to be considered is motion blur -- have you ever done the Samsung Zero Motion Blur HOWTO? If you loved the motion clarity but hated the color degradation, you may wish to consider the Eizo FG2421 instead, since it has a "LightBoost" equivalent in a VA panel.

(Samsung Zero Motion Blur mode, LightBoost mode, and EIZO Turbo240 mode, are all strobe backlights -- see list of 120Hz monitors)

60Hz = baseline
120Hz = ~50% less motion blur than 60Hz
strobed = ~80-95% less motion blur than 60Hz
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