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Video Card for CS:GO

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Looking to upgrade my weak ATI 5670 512mb GPU for something faster but don't want to drop a fortune at the same time. I want to buy something used on eBay since I want it to be under $100. I was thinking about getting an ATI 5850 1GB or if you guys can recommend me something else..

Current Setup

Intel E8400 @ 3.6ghz
2GB Ram
OCZ 60gig SSD
ATI 5670 512mb

I want to be able to play CSGO in 1024x768 resolution with everything on the lowest settings and still get 150fps+
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I would suggest getting a 7770 its about the same as 5850, but with less power consumption.


You might also consider gtx 460. Or for a bit more get the beast gtx 560.
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Is the 7770 a big upgrade over the 5670, cause I don't want to spend $100 on something that is only 10% faster. The 560 is good maybe I will opt for the ti version. I was also looking at the ATI 7790, but I heard the drivers don't support Windows XP. This upgrade is only for the meantime until I save enough money to do a full PC overhaul.

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Yes, the 7770 is twice as good as a 5670.

You might want to check how the video cards stack up and check if its worth the upgrade here:
If you are planning on an overhaul soon, i wouldn't suggest going higher then 7770. Heh, unless you find something real cheap.
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I'll take your advice and go with the 7770 after looking at the performance charts between the two.

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