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I have tried to OC a Phenom ii X4 920 2.8 Ghz. By raising the HTT to 250 i have managed to get it to 3.5 Ghz, but to make it work i have had to raise the vCore from 1.350 to 1.525 (and it bumps to 1.6 under load). I feel like the voltage is a bit to high for that FSB. And it's still not really stable! I can'r run prime95 for more than about 10 minutes - often resulting in bsod.

Here is a list of changes i made to the BIOS:

- Disable AMD Cool and quiet controll

- Set the CPU multiplier to 14x instead of auto

- Set the HTT to 250

- Set the memory clock to 3.33x (Stock is 4)

- Set the K8<->NB HT Speed to 4x (stock is 5)

- Set the vCore to 1.525 (Stock is 1.350)

CPU-z reads:

- HT Link 1000 Mhz (stock)

- NB Frequency 2000 Mhz

- DRAM Frequency 416.7 Mhz (Stock is 400)

- FSB : Dram 3:5

- Max TDP 125W (while HWMonitor actually reads out 140W)

- And also the correct bus speed, core speed and multiplier

I don't think i have changed anything else.

I'm happy with the performance at this level and don't feel any need to push it further. But i do want to get it stable, and to get vCore and temps down a bit. Anyone got any advice? Have i missed a step? I'm new to OC and any help would be greatly appreciated!