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2500K vs 3770 non-K

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After typing this post, I noticed that it is long winded, so here are the cliff notes first:

Is replacing my i5 2500k that I can get close to 4ghz worth "upgrading" to a i7 3770 non-K?

Can I OC a 3770 non-K at all?

Is a 3770 non-k at stock speeds, going to be a noticeable improvement over a 2500k @ 3.6 ghz (current stable OC)?

I am a IT consultant, and have been working a lot in networking, and have drifted from the PC scene with interest in getting involved again, because my laptops have not been preforming up to par for me at all. I am looking to get a solid, reliable desktop work station going that I can game on from time to time.

after being out of the OC'ing trade since my opty 939 rig back in the day, I got the itch again, and started trolling CL in my area for decent PC parts, to put myself together a decent used, semi modern, PC that is an improvement over my dual core 939 rig.

A week of browsing CL gave me an opportunity to pick up a few newer components. Here is what I got:

Gigabyte P67A-UD3-B3
Intel 2500k CPU
Corsair Vengeance 2 kits, 4 stick of ram. (4x2gb) 8gb total.

All this for $200 last week on CL.

I got excited when the guy selling his gaming desktop replied to my email wondering if he would be into parting out his rig. I asked him if he would be down to sell the cpu/mobo/ram combo. He replied with $200 takes it. I ran to his place as quick as I could, and after talking with him, he noticed my excitement to get back into the desktop world (been married to a core 2 laptop for years, and have been over it for awhile). He tossed in a 120mm aftermarket CPU cooler, and a 690 watt corsair PSU. He also tossed me a 160gb sata hdd he had laying around so id have something to put an OS on.

So what I have now is the following:

CORSAIR Vengeance (4x2gb) ddr31600
9800GT <-- I know right!!?
690 watt corsair PSU
160gb hdd
windows 7

After running this PC for a week, and playing around a little with the OC settings in the BIOS, I noticed that the i5 chips are different from the core 2 chips that I have the most experience in OC'ing really well. I understand that the K series i5/i7 chips are ones with unlocked multipliers for better overclocking. My question that I can't seem to find an easy answer to is that when I OC'ed core 2 chips, you did not need to change the multiplier to get more speed. Adjusting the FSB directly reflects the CPU speed of core 2's because that FSB number times the multiplier equals clock frequency. With the 2500k I have, it seems that the main speed setting in the BIOS is the multiplier setting? Any links to things pointing me in the right direction to fully understanding how to OC an i5/i7 chip, would be great. =)

I am aware of the differences between the two chips in question. the i5 is a quad core without HT. the i7 is a quad core with HT. Is this feature alone worth the upgrade by chance?

The pcie 3.0 on the 3770 is great, but my video card is cheese, and not really worried about this difference in my consideration.

and the 6mb/8mb L2 difference.... Are these trade offs worth swapping out my i5 of the newer gen i7 that can't be OC'd?

Now I am facing with the choice to drop a 3770 non-K that I have access to. After doing some research, I verified that my mother board is supported for the 3rd gen i5/i7 chips. I have also verified that I have the F9 BIOS that is required for the 22nm chips to work in my board.

Thanks for reading, and lending a hand on all of this.

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2500K to 3770 isn't a good upgrade, might as well keep the 2500K you already have and overclock it.

And yes, multiplier and core voltage are really the only settings you need to worry about when overclocking Sandy Bridge.
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2500K to 3770K maybe...But 2500K to 3770, no way.
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Why not OC your 2500k to 4.5+ghz intead ?

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I dug up my old water cooling case. I have a dual 5 1/4" rez with a 120 rad and a dual 80 rad in the loop. The water block is from a 775 core 2 , but I lined up the holes on everything visually with the 1155 socket, and there doesn't seem to be any reason why I can not use the 775 water block on a socket 1155 2500k?

Im going to push this rig, and see how far I can get it. Doing some reading, water cooling + a lucky draw = 5ghz. Im going to see if i got a good chip or not...

Wish me luck, will update when I get all these parts swapped. I'm posting with a laptop, so I can do this and build my rig at the same time here....

I'm going to probably stay up all night setting all of this up. I am really interested in benching this chip!
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Been playing around with this chip, and I have it at 4.2ghz right now. I've been playing a few games, and the CPU cores only ever hit 70% or so. Think my video card is holding back the chip, or am I not playing the right games??

I have core temp and cpu-z running, and I notice the clock frequency change. Is there a way to lock in the OC all the time regardless of the load on the PC? I can't seem to figure that out in the BIOS.

Oh.. And my water cooling loop requires more troubleshooting to figure out. There are air bubbles I cant get out of it, preventing it from flowing. Any ideas? Is it worth figuring out my water cooling gear, over this aftermarket air cooler I have? Not sure what it is called, but it has a 120mm fan on it, copper tubes etc.
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you can OC it to 5ghz with a sub 60usd heatsink
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im at 4.4 right now... I cant seem to get the water bubbles out of my water loop, so im stuck with aftermarket air until I can figure that out.

5ghz seems a little out of reach. I cant seem to get 4.5 but 4.4 is solid.
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which case do you have? which Budget?
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The case is a rando $20 special I have laying around. Literally blew out the cob webs in it. I totally went over the whole case, cleaned it all up as much as I could. It is still very much structural, well, as much as can be expected from a $20 case.

I have a huge silverstone case with all my water cooling gear in it, but i cant for the life of me get the damn thing working. The pump works, but isnt moving water because of air bubbles in various spots. I'm almost at the point of taking the whole thing apart and starting over. I was hoping I could get away with just dropping this board into it, and have it all work, but no, it could never be that easy....

This rig will end up in a decent case, but for now, it's the $20 special with aftermarket cooler that sticks out higher than the side panel, so putting the case back together isn't an option. Free birding it, running without a side panel.

I've got my 2500k at 4.4ghz with 8gb of ram. I have a 500 watt antec phantom PSU in it though. This thing is a beast. A total frankenPC.
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