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My uncle asked me to built him a computer for his video editing. I was thinking video editing = rendering cause a friend of mine ask for her animation class and specifically required rendering.

But the more I understand it, he's just doing a few thing with it.
1) VHS to PC download to his computer. Buying the adapter now with the software.
2) editing the VHS video like removing some scene or maybe add music to the scene or some transition. No 'special' effect. Probably doesn't know how to do it.
3) and editing his photo since he's a pretty big photo buff.

I already brought a computer with i5 3570k with ati 7870 built with 250gb SSD samsung pro. Now that i realize that's what he plan on doing, I was thinking of selling off the 7870 so he could save some money from it. The 3570k's integrated graphic look to be pretty good with 6.5 on the windows rating.

Is it true that he's just doing some video editing and it's not really rendering? If so, I'll probably sell off the graphic card and just either buy a i7 or keep the 3570k. Either that, or is it software depend? I'll install some software that he can use but not a lot since English isn't his first language and probably doesn't know enough to understand how to work the interface.