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Hi to everyone,
I am a guy from Italy, I would like to ask some suggestions about this case. I didn't bought it again, but in few days I'll buy it.
The configuration is this:

Coolermaster haf xb
cpu intel core i5 2500k
watercooling corsair hydro h110
mainboard asus p8h77
ram corsair vengeance kit 16gb 1600mhz cl 9-9-9-24
videocard ati amd 7870 2gb ddr5 with arctic accelero hybrid
soundlbaster xfi
ssd corsair 120gb

My question is about the n.8 hard disk 3.5" that actually I have.

n.2 hdd in the hot swap and n.2 in the 5.25" bay with the Silverstone SST-SDP10B

I have again n.3 hdd 3.5"

The current cabinet is a lian-li v354b and all the hard drive are good placed inside

I read about some guys found a solution to disassemble the 2.5" cage and put one for the 3.5"

I have seen a Cooler Master STB-3T4-E3-GP or Xigmatek 4in3 HDD Cage and my question is if it is possible to fit in the haf xb. I don't know the distance between upper and down side, but from some photos posted here, it seem to be possible.

I can remove the fan of the cage and put inside, horizontal or vertical.

Someone here found a self-solution or other ideas?

I know that the market force the people to buy only ssd but they are quite expensive in Italy.

I have hdd with music, with programs, with backup documents, with games, with torrent and I cannot change the hdd at the moment or buy and expensive hdd external enclosure.

Some nice suggestions are welcome.
Thanks to everybody and greetings from Tuscany.