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really strange OC problem

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I've been working on an OC. But something strange is happening.

I can run the prime95 small ftt test (cpu heavy), and it seems stable. But if i run the blend test (cpu and ram), i get bsod in minutes. Strange thing is though - i got the memory severely underclocked... So wth is going on?
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of course we need more info to help.

clearly it's a memory related issue... but we'll need to know how you OCd, settings, voltages, etc etc
new machine or machine that was stable before you started OC?
Ram settings, timings, voltage

Top of my head, RAM needs more voltage. if you're overclocking an FX cpu with the FSB clock, you're effecting everything.
especially if you bought intel advertised ram, it might be operating at less voltage if you havent manually set it.

in bios, set the voltage to whats on the side of the stick (probly 1.5 or 1.65v), and set it to 1333 and leave the timtings on auto. see if that helps
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Got the BSOD code ? and can we get details on what the system is ? A quick screenie of CPUU-Z with cpu + memory tabs would help grasping what's going on
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Error code when BSoD:


CPU-z during idle (vCore gets another +0.05 during load)

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What's the rating for that RAM(frequency,voltage,timings) ? Since it's OC'd on FSB could be something to look at.
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