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Creating dummy load for PSU? Need help!

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Okay, so I am powering a Kenwood KAC-8103D with a Antec HC520M. The amplifier turns on, however goes into protection mode. At first, I had no clue why, then I realized, this power supply is pushing 40A. I bought the power supply for the sole reason that it is pushing that much, however the power supply is pushing around 50A on initial start up. That is what is causing the Protection mode to activate. I'm not very good with power supplies so I think I'll leave it to you guys. The bottom line question is: Can you give the power supply a dummy load so that the amplifier is not receiving all that wattage?


Antec HC520M 12v @ 40A
Planet Audio 4 Guage wiring kit (60A Fuse)
Kenwood KAC- 8103D 1000W Peak 300w RMS (Per channel)
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Nvm... I feel like a complete IDIOT... At first, I had a 8A @ 12V power supply running this amp. The power supply fried itself, I heard a loud POP and saw sparks and then the power supply died. Anyway, I noticed that one of the 12V cables had become loose from the socket and made contact with the ground, causing the power supply to short, and blow the crap out of the fuse and the internals (smelled like fried electronics) Anyway... I replaced the power supply with something that had a little big more power. At first, I thought that the red light that the Kenwood KAC 8103D has on it should be lit up all the time. I found out that it should NOT be, that is actually the light that indicates something is wrong. Something happend to be VERY wrong, I was under powering the amp. Anyway, while not thinking I disconnected the subwoofers from the amp and unplugged the RCA, This was a mistake, a amplifier should never not have a input signal going to it, even if that means that it gets fuzz. I get back home, plug everything back in and THEN the red light goes away and we were back in business... I also had to move the LPF (Low Pass Filter) To 25Hz... The tone that the amplifier emits when it is plugged in is a HARSH 20Hz hit, it causes the amplifier to lock up.

Bottom line:
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