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Hello all.

I'm pretty new to customizing PC's or whatever hip thing you may call it and have a question:
Within the next 2 weeks I will be purchasing a passive graphics card and a new case. I have done lots of research into the cards and have got it down to 3 choices however I am near to clueless about the cases.

These are my 'requirements' (or something like that):

1) Preferably a plain black box style - maybe with mesh front or similar. No need for crap tonnes of plastic see through windows or fancy plastic coming off it.
2) Good cooling (via fans) in order to keep the passive graphics card cool during gaming.
3) Does not need to be 'silent'
4) Full size
5) Plastic feet to keep above carpet level.
6) Somewhere under $120 - not bothered if I have to purchase it second hand in order to keep to this price level.

I hope that you will be able to work something out from this information, if not I'll answer more questions :3

Thanks a zillion