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Hey all,

working on my second loop and this one is slightly more sophisticated!

I have two GTX 295's with Koolance Full water blocks, I've researched PSu needs and I'm not exactly sure if my PSU can support these or not. I have the EVGA 750W Gold rated PSU. I believe it's the Supernova one. It has 4 rails @ 20a. From what I researched, this should handle the GPUs. BUT! I have read that at least 850 is needed. Any input is helpful!

Second, I have a Koolance 450 pump, with a CNT-RP450 pump. two 240mm rads, one a koolance, the other a XSPC, Koolance Multi option Reservoir, and either a rasa 750 or EK HF supreme block (haven't decided which one yet). Should this be good enough to cool the two GPUs and CPU?

The CPU is a i7 3770k and the case is a NZXT H630.

Thanks in advance!