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Hello brothers,,

i have 3 moniter at them moment, 2x DELL ST 2420L and a Asus VE247H

i was using this setup on my gtx 680 without any problem but when i switched to ati radeon, i just couldnt enable 3 screen setup

i am having a Mini DP to Dp (CABLE) port only

So i connected my display

1.DVI to DVI
3.Mini DP to DP then i put DP TO DVI

now the problem is that 3 moniters are detected in windows but its not detected in ati software,

in windows its showing 3 moniter, but the 3rd one is small in size, and i cant select its resolution or cant change any of its settings

now here in pakistan ACTIVE dvi cable is not available, and i cant wait to get it from abroad

so my question is that is it possible that if i put up a DP to D-SUB (VGA) and use my 3rd display which i was using with DVI

will it work??

a friend of mine said that it will work...

need feedbacks asap!