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GPU Cooling help

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I recently bought the MSI Twin Frozr GTX 770 4GB and it is really good but when I start playing FarCry3 for example and use the GPU 95-100% my temperatures get to like 85 degrees. I know Farcry3 Is a demanding game. However my GPU is overclocked to 1284Mhz and I have a good case and airflow and cabling also. When the graphics card is idle it is around 40 degrees which is good I suppose for overclocked card.

My question is what type of cooling do I need to buy to get the card to like 69-70 degrees when playing I have money to spend so there is no budget.

Completely out of the subject whats the best SSD is it Samsung Pro?

Thank you for all the replies!
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What's your ambient temps? 40c idle is really high. I'd get some good thermal paste like mx2 or mx4 and repasts the card...I'd imagine from what I read that'll get you typically good 5c drop in temps, you also can use evga precision or MSI afterburner and create a custom fan curve to ramp up the fan to keep it cooler. I'd do those 2 things first before changing your cooling...

Everyone recommends the Samsung 840 pro as a top quality ssd
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OP's idle temps may not be a cause to repaste. More importantly, he shouldn't do so unless it might actually solve the problem.

Kovachxx, are you running more than one monitor? If so, your card is running at a higher clock speed when idle. Generating more heat than otherwise.
My GTX 570's would be marinating at 45c when idle because I was running two displays. Disconnect one, viola, idle dropped to ~32c. I had to edit the vBIOS eventually to fix the issue.
Of course, YMMV. If you've only got one monitor connected, that isn't your issue.
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