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Your CPU is good enough for now. I would wait till Steam Roller Next year.
Your PSU may be crap but if it works then it can wait.
Your Ram needs an upgrade
Your GPU needs an upgrade
Case is purely atheistic so it can wait
Your motherboard can wait till Steam Roller releases

For now I would wait till Black Friday(Save up till then) and pull the trigger on a GTX 770 or 7950. Also get at least 8GB of DDR3 1600mhz Ram.

Then save up $300 and put it away for when Steam Roller releases. When the day comes upgrade your CPU/Mobo.

The PSU should be replaced after that. Don't go by brand anymore. Find out WHO manufactures that particular model. As many ignorant fools blindly recommend Corsair when Seasonic only makes a few of their PSUs. is the best place to go when deciding on a PSU.

The Case, HDDs, and SSDs come after those upgrades. What you have now works and they won't bring in a big performance jump.
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