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Hello guys!

So I was thinking to myself: I'm going to get the next top single card that NVidia [brand loyalty, they gave me a free GTX 760! unless AMD's lineup COMPLETELY blows me away] releases be it the next Titan, the GTX 790, or the flagship Maxwell card, whatever comes first regardless of price.

So I was wondering: When do you guys think each of these lines of cards will come out?

Do you think the next Titan will be Maxwell based? Why or why not? If you think it will be Maxwell based, do you think it will be released before the rest of the Maxwell lineup? Kinda using early access to architecture as a selling point?

In my own opinion, I think releases will go like this:

1. AMD announces their new GPUs (late Sept)
2. NVidia retaliates by announcing 750 Ti to target budget end and GTX 790 @ $1,000 discontinuing their 690 and Titan cards for high-end (October)
3. More AMD lineup announcements (November)
4. More different tier NVidia and AMD announcements e.g. 760 Ti, 750 Ti Boost, "ghz" editions for AMD cards (December) [I think this will happen earlier than usual because of how close AMD and NVidia releases are unlike previous years)
5. NVidia announces Titan successor with Maxwell architecture (January)
6. ?????
7. Maxwell flagship [GTX 880?] card announcement (March/April)

Thoughts? Your own predictions? Have you already made upgrade promises to yourself?