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Recently I've decided to buy a second monitor but I'm not sure which type is best to get. My current monitor is an Lg Flatron E2441 (specifications can be found here Although I'd like to have two of the same monitors, the model I own is discontinued and its specs aren't all that great. Its refresh rate is 60hz and it has a response time of 5ms. I use my computer for non-competitive gaming and school/work, so having a high performance monitor doesn't matter much to me. Would there be a noticeable difference with a 120hz monitor or should I just stick to 60hz as a casual gamer? Additionally, my price range is roughly $200. I'm willing to go over for a good deal on a higher quality monitor, though. I've been looking mainly at Asus and Acer monitors but I'm open to any brands.

In all, I'm looking for a solid 24" monitor in the $200 price range to use as a second display.