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It seems it's more complicated than simply changing VCore. You should look into the threads and guides discussing Haswell overclocking.

I've seen a bunch of people say they could reduce vcore a lot after playing around with input voltage and setting up the LLC for that. The other settings like ring voltage also change what's stable and what's not without touching VCore. So if something is not stable at the moment, you can't know if it's not really one of those other settings. You can't just blame vcore with Haswell.

Interesting is also that a lot of people seem to be able to add a bunch of +100mhz steps to the clock without adding much to vcore. Instead they get it to run stable by playing around with those other voltages. That wasn't like that at all with Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge. You always needed to slap something significant onto vcore to get 100mhz higher.

So definitely read up on Haswell overclocking before you declare the vcore voltage you currently use as needed for your CPU.