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Oh, I forgot to mention... the best way to cut the side panels would be to make a template out of 1/4" MDF, with all your corner rounds and everything. You can also add slots to align the wood pieces for joining parts together onto the template. For cutting the black melamine board, use a router with a flush cutoff bit (straight bit with a small bearing at the end). Set your template down on some sawhorses, or slip a few pieces of scrap under it on a table to lift it up (away from template edge). Set your cabinet side on top of that. Drop a couple screws through the MDF template to make sure it can't move (in the middle somewhere so you won't see screw holes on the final parts). Adjust the bit depth on the router so the bearing is clear of the work piece and will hit the MDF template. Cut around your piece, pressing the bearing against the template. Can't mess that one up at all. Do two of them.