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Bitfenix PRODIGY M - need advice!

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Hello! good to find you.
i have my bitfenix prodigy M case preordered and all the components ready but i really could use some advice about watercooling and air flow..

i already created a photoshop image on what my case will look like


i m thinkin of placing an alphacool nexxxos st30 below the top fans but i could really use some advice about fans pushing air into the case and other options i have. the loop will be used for a CPU only cooling.

1. 240 radiator below top fans (30mm max and i may have to cut the drive mount of the case a bit)
2. 240 radiator push and pull with two fans above the case
3. 240 radiator below top fans and 120 radiator side fan (that's my main problem! is it ok for two fans to push air through radiators in the case and the bottom 230 pushing out??)

really looking forward to your advices and help, and please excuse my english

Thanx in advance mates! smile.gif

RIG: ASUS Maximus VI Gene / Intel Core i7-4770K / ASUS GTX770 DirectCU II OC / 16GB-Kit G.Skill TridentX 2400 / Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB / WD Blue 1000GB / Corsair GS800 2013 / BitFenix Recon / bitfenix spectre pro led fans
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I to am pretty excited for this case. but the thermal design for this case is so ass backwards its just silly. it makes no sense to make the fans so that they bring cool air in from the top and exhaust it from the bottom when everyone knows that heat rises. but if you turn them around then your exhaust fans will be fighting with your GPU fan(s). another issue for this case is that there is little to no rad support. if you want to put a 240 or a 280 rad in the top you lose the ability to user a second GPU and lets be honest that's why you are going M-ATX instead of M-itx (my personal opinion).


OT: what I plan on doing is relocating the PSU behind the mobo and putting a thick 280 rad in the front and possibly a 120 in the rear as well as rad in the bottom with all the rads pulling air in and then putting 2 120 fans in the top as am exhaust

but for you since you will only be using water cooling for your CPU I highly recommend doing with a Closed loop 120mm and the back as an intake http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835181031
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