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Help with first watercooler?

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Hello everyone.

My new setup to be purchased next month is as follows:
Asus z87 Pro
Intel 4770k
2x8gb 1600 Mushkin
2x GTX 770 Windforce 4GB

I currently have a Corsair Obsidian 700D.

I have never actually had an SLI setup, but I heard Watercooling would help a lot with the overclocking and silence of the build.

What I have planned so far:
XSPC EX360 Crossflow Triple Fan Radiator
EK Water Blocks EK-FC770 GTX - Acetal + Nickel (x2)
EK Water Blocks EK-Supremacy Clean CSQ - Acetal + Nickel
XSPC Dual 750lph Bay Pump Reservoir V4 - Black

I have seen these in a UK watercooling website (as I will be buying in the UK).

I however have no idea of the following:
1) Were the choices decent? Or are there better Money/Value ones?
2) How many fittings and hose length would I need?
3) Would a single 360 rad be able to cool everything overclocked?

Any help and/or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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1) I don't know about this
2) 2 fitting/componant (so from what I can see, 10)
3) I believe that ideally, you should have at least a 240/280mm rad for your cpu, then for every extra componant, you would add +1 120/140mm slot. As for that specific rad, I have no clue.
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