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No power target? - Page 2

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ah sorry, I thought you meant you couldnt as in something else.

Maybe your card just doesnt support raised tdp?
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The problem is that there's no TDP reading at all... in fact the card doesn't set to the boost clock, it just keeps the base clock.
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Maybe you could try flashing a custom bios to the card? I used this thread -

That got my 670 up to 122% power draw, 1.2v on gpu core.
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I have already flashed a custom bios to rase the base frequency. Now I think I have two options:
-flash a vbios from another vendor, like Nvidia stock, risking to brick the card, to see if the TDP works.
-flash a modded Asus vbios with all the gpu boost features disabled, like those for the Titan and the 780, so that I can overclock like on the GTX500 or AMD cards. But how to edit the bios? Could somebody who has worked on the Titan's bios do it for me?
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Is there a controller on the board that calculates the power limit?
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