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I've been out of the hardware game for some time. I have just recently upgraded my computer and desk set up. Now it's time to do the monitors. I've only ever ran dual monitors and I figured maybe I should step it up to 3 or 4 monitors. Now just looking through here I've seen some cool eyefinity setups in portrait.

My main needs for multiple monitors are for workstation purposes. I work from home and am on my computer all day. This is why I was thinking go with the 3-4 monitor setup. I do game as well so I would like something that works for both.

What's the deal with IPS monitors and response time. I really like what I have seen with them but will they hold up for gaming? What pixel response times do a monitor have to be at for it to be un-noticeable while gaming?

Also can anyone recommend any good monitors with a thin bezel that was created for multiple monitor purpose?

And is 1440p the top resolution now? Or is there anything else I should be looking at...

All input will be much appreciated!