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new x79 MOBO's?

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I've read about the upcoming ASUS ROG Rampage IV X79 Black Edition, but was wondering if any other vendor's have released news on new/refreshed x79 boards? Gigabyte? Preferably a mobo that's been reviewed in 2013?


I like this board cause of the ps2 connector... for real... lame huh?... I like my crappy old $12 General Electric KB from Target, and hate getting used to new ones... lol
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NO MAN I LOVE MY PS/2 FOR MY RIVE!! without it my IBM-model m wouldn't have NKRO. A few companies might come out with revised boards but I imagine they will all be fancy OC boards as normal x79 is still compatible

In other words, if there are they are enthusiast platforms
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Asus (ROG Rampage IV X79 BE), EVGA (EVGA X79 Dark) and Gigabyte (G1.Assassin 3) are the only ones that I know of that are making a refresh X79 mobo's.
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