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liquid cooling advice

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hey guys i have a ek web 240 ltx h30 system cooling my cpu but im sure i can get better temps as my current ambient temps on idle are around 35C and about 65-70 C in game (not stress test load) i mean in game.

im running two corsair SP 120 fans on my rad configured for push

and the coolant is ek coolant

my questions are are these temps pretty much what i would expect and also are there ways to lower temp such as push/pull or increasing fan speed? or something? right now fans are running off mobo but i was think maybe if i attach them to a fan controller and increase rpm would i see cooler temps?

thanks all foe advice smile.gif

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Sounds like it could be a dodgy mount, What are your temps on Prime95 or intel burn test.

Push pull may work but I do think you may have screwed up the thermal paste when you mounted the waterblock
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i haven't run prime 95 or Intel's test i have run wPrime a few times consecutively which give me temps of about 70-75 C , with thermal paste i did the pea amount in the middle as apparently it doesn't really matter whether one does the cross or pea amount in the middle so im sure i did that correctly and i use arctic silver 7 diamond, still not sure where i went wrong or if i went wrong lol

@compuman - so you believe my temps are high?
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To be honest, you've got a processor at just under 5ghz, I think they are about right... You could just remount it and make sure you go straight down, and do opposite corners when you tighten the heatsink screws
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@ compuman thanks dude, i know its oc a bit but i was a bit paranoid i think, i mean i read so many ppl temps that jkust reading temps all night made me kinda think "hang on maybe mines a bit to high or something" lol

anyway cheers for input yes i check tomorrow all the screws and seating and also maybe wipe off the thermal comp and re apply and maybe do the criss cross method smile.gif

thanks dude smile.gif
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Well to be honest, the waterloop you have is fine, but not great. If you were to do a custom loop then temps of around 55 - 60 would be more accurate.

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the water loop i have isn't pre-build i bought the kit and put it together, sorry im not sure what you mean by custom built?
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Yeah that's a kit, but it doesn't use the best components, when I say a custom loop I mean that the pump is bought, the CPU block is bought and the rad are all bought separately and for spec.

Your kit would be classed better than air cooling or the corsair hydro series, but quite low end in the watercooling loop market.
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ohhh ok i see, lol ye no mine i think is pretty bad loop considering lol i didnt get what u mean before but ye i agree, im looking to upgrade my loop but im also think for maybe 1-2C would it be worth it lol? and considering the new boards along with the new 4th gen cpus i couldn't see myself doing much else to the loop apart from cleaning out and maintaining smile.gif

do you thinking adding maybe a 1220 rad with a sp 120 corsair fan after my cpu block and before my pump would help ?
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I wouldn't bother mate, what you have for the cooling you're doing is fine, it's just a CPU loop and not your GPU so don't worry.

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