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I haven't had a dedicated TV in 12 years, and I'm moving into a new house where I would like to have one. I currently use only the internet and my PC for TV. Right now I have 5.1 speakers plugged into my motherboard, I use my 27" computer screen to watch, and I have a MCE remote that I use to flip through stuff.

I 'think' I want to keep that same set-up, as I'm still planning to continue to use my PC rather than a cable box.

The changes I want to make are:
  • I want a second screen that's around 40-60 inches dedicated to watch video, but still connected to my computer as a second screen.
  • I'm moving into a new place where I need my TV to be quieter late at night, so I'd like some wireless rear speakers (they will have an outlet in the back, just not wired to anything in the front). With my AC on, I sometimes have a hard time hearing, so I'm trying to get a bit more sound near my couch without running rear wires.

Also, should I be getting something like a roku box?

I looked at for the TV, but then I got totally confused about what else to get as most things seem to be geared towards a cable box, not running from a PC.

I'm trying to spend no more than around $1100 or so total, as I don't watch TV that often.
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