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Hi all, hoping for a quick response.

Trying to play Xbox 360 via HDMI on my Crossover 27'' Monitor. (This is the exact model here: )

I am having issues getting any audio from the HDMI port. The sound seems to be muted, but I can't unmute it. I've press the volume buttons and it says muted, when I change the volume it appears unmuted, but I still hear no sound. I've gone into the menu and tried turning on and off the monitor and Xbox 360 as well. I'm just not sure why I'm not getting any audio. I tested the same HDMI cable on my old 720p TV and it seems to work just fine so I'm sure it has something to do with my Crossover monitor being muted.

Given that the instructions and paperwork are mostly in Korean and I cannot seem to find anything about this on these forums or with some quick Google searches I figured I'd make an account and ask if anyone knew here. Is there something special I'm missing to mute/unmute the sound or am I missing something about the onboard speakers and HDMI?

Again, hoping for a quick response because I'd love to play soon, but I don't really feel like playing on my old 720p monitor will be nearly as great. Any help is appreciated!

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