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Dominator Platinum Ram 1866mhz light kit help

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hi all,

i recently bought a pair of Dominator Platinum 1866mhz 8gb, along with my already 8gb set, i also bought matching light kit upgrade for the new pair, but when i installed the light kit and then installed the new ram into my mobo the new ram with new light kit it much much brighter in terms of light and the older set of the ram seem dull and a bit glossy, where as the new set seem more fuller and the plastic insert look more misted the way they are meant to be i think.

if there a possible low voltage on the older ram causing duller lighting, or is this a channel A and Channel B symptom? my motherboard is a G1 Sniper 3 the dull lit ram sticks are sitting in the green slots and the new ones are in the black slots

any advice would greatly appreciated, im not too fussed, im just worried it might be a soon to be malfunction or sort

thank you i also have uploaded a picture so you can see the difference in light the bluish looking ones are because they have the blue lens inside how ever you can see its not as foggy and misted as the new pair

as you can see in the second image the blue lensed sticks almost show visibly the rams black heat sink fins under neath :S

** also even though the duller sticks have the blue lens its the same effect with the clear or (white) lenses installed (in other words not nice and misty ) as the new pair

any help please
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edit ** this is another image this time i changed the blue lenses for the white ones to show the difference in both the whites 1st and 3rd sticks are the older ones and the alternate misty ones are the new ones

believe it or not lol this is the white lens lol it looks blue but its white and as you can its very transparent compared to the frosty whites on the new pair:sadsmiley
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ok so just got back and my retailers have been so awesome they saw the images on my phone and tested themselves on their own mobo and saw that ye it was clearly dim and gave me brand new memory sticks and also gave me back my light bar stuff which silly as i was forgot to remove before returning the kit, anyway got home and chucked in the new sticks on to find the lights are still dim...........i was like oh no!, anyway took out all the ram this time and removed all the light kit to make the bare sticks as i thought hey might as well try not have such a big light difference if i just run the stick stock, anyway when i removed the light bar i noticed something, the damn plastic lens holder are different shades .........................ye no joke and heres a pic of the two plastic insert holders side by side under a white torch.
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