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Can someone with a Gigabyte Sniper 5 Please verify if you are experience some of the issues I am. Support is not helping.

I bought this motherboard after I had a stable OC on a ASUS Deluxe/Dual Z87 with the same 4770k processor.
1.350 VCORE
4.3Ghz Uncore (Ring Bus)
1.315v Uncore Voltage

Now with this board which is my first gigabyte I am trying to get that same overclock. I am experiencing issues changing a couple of voltages in the bios.
After changing them and saving they simply don't change.

The vcore changes fine
the cpu Ring bus voltage will stay at 1.050v regardless of any changes I make to it
the cpu VRIN will stay at 1.800 regardless of any changes I make to it

Is it this way for u guys? If someone with this board could simply change the Ring bus voltage to 1.060v save it and reboot back into the bios and see where its at? Mine would still say 1.050v?

gigabyte says get a new board? really?