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Overclocking 3770k on MSI z77 motherboard

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Hi guys!

So it appears the bios menus with this motherboard looks fairly good and has a great design, but it appears there are many values to be adjusted to do this correctly - volts, ratioes and stuff like that. Now I think I can be guided quite easily and do this as easy as well, but I really want to know that what I am doing is safe and correct.

I have a coolermaster 212 hyper evo cooler and I have been told its fine for my intentions of overclocking.

My power supply is 750 MW

I play a game called StarCraft II and I wish to bring it up to a bare minimum so my FPS can increase ingame. I have already confirmed that my ram, memory and graphics card is not causing me lower fps. (I got GTX 560 TI and 8 gb ram)

Now, When I am in the most CPU-intensive situation in a 1vs1 game in Starcraft 2 my fps can drop down to 20 fps for a short moment, otherwise it is very stable at 30-40 fps. However, about 95% of the time it stays above 50 fps, and 90% of the time above 70 fps

However, I would be really happy if I can overclock my CPU so it can deliver at least 50 fps no matter how intensive a 400 food situation looks in a realisitc game.

Right now it is 4.2 GHz, perhasps I should overclock my intel i7 3770k to maybe 5 ghz? Do you think this cooler: http://www.coolermaster.com/product/Detail/cooling/hyper-series/hyper-212-evo.html can deliver this much performance?

Right now my CPUs go around 40-50 degrees celcius, and I am curious how much you guys want me to push it up.

Dont get me wrong, I just want to make my CPU go as far up as it is safely possible.

Peace, thanks!
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what about a better heatsink? 212evo is por for OCing a non delidded ivy bridge, you could delid your cpu and keep 212evo
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Hmm i am not sure what you mean
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