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Need Help Overclocking

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Before I start, I am completely bad with stuff like this, so i'll try my best to explain my problem...

So I asked a friend why my computer is always running things so slowly, (EX. When I try to run teamspeak and a game that really is a low-grade game and shouldn't be laggy at all, I lagg pretty bad. Or when I have like a forums page and youtube open, i'll lagg) and he looked into it, and found that my CPU usage is almost always at 100%, no matter how little or how much I am running. Also my my cpu is only running at 800-899 mhz, instead of the 1.6k ghz that it's capable of running. He suggested to me that he had the same problem, and that "overclocking" fixed his problem and made his PC much smoother and faster, and allowed him to play the same games that I do, and stay in teamspeak, ect without lagging. So for nearly 3 hours we looked for the right overclocking program that would fit my cpu, and none were compatible. So, i'm asking if anyone would kindly point me in the right direction as to which overclocking tool I could use for my cpu? I will post my specs below.

Also if you think there is a solution that will work without me having to overclock, please say so. (unless you're just gonna suggest that I need to clean my PC's fan, or something about spyware/malware, it's none of those.)

My specs...

And proof that it for some reason only runs at 800-899 mhz

As you can see the only major things that i'm running are Google Chrome, the java game (not even playing it just on the login screen) and Teamspeak..

So if any of you have a solution, PLEASE let me know. Also if this is in the wrong section, i'm sorry. I had absolutely no clue where to post this.
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That is a rather low end dual core laptop/netbook processor with a crazy slow speed of 1.6 GHz. It uses its own IGPU for graphics which will work fine for streaming video but not really that great for games. Youre gonna need a more powerful rig to play any modern games on.
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