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Now a days I am using B-SX4 TOSHIBA TEC its best.
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Progress Report 2

As promised... here's some more Info about how my Tec laptop cooler performs in the long run:

In a nutshell: works far better than expected! smile.gif

In detail:
it just keeps on cooling down the system and its pretty useful when I do audio recordings i.e. running several Apps at the same time. Sometimes I forget to turn it on and my laptops starts to whine...
Yet, only some 5 Min. after turning the TEC cooler on, the fan speed and noise comes noticeably down to almost "inaudible".
To me it could have been only logically correct from the onset, because anything that cools down the CPU cooling rails can only cut down the heat!! Just wondering, what's there so hard to understand??
The trouble with me is that I'm a more practical (i.e. less theoretical) technically minded experimenter and most of my projects worked out on the cheap and successfully.
My latest success was turning and old 120-button accordion bass part into an accordion MIDI bass, which accordion players dream of. My costs were about $120 for parts + work and sold it for $400 on eBay/USA the next day after I advertised it. The cover decoration had my old old shirt glued on... smile.gif (see Pic)

Saludos cordiales, Joh

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