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Beginner in watercooling looking for help

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The sistem I'm currently working on is gonna be something like

CPU: Haswell I7-4770k
GPU: 2x 770GTX SLI (Most likely gigabyte OC)
Motherboard: ROG Maximus VI Formula
RAM: 16gb Corsair Dominator Platinum 2400mhz
SSD: 2x Raid 0 Samsung 840 pro
PSU: Cosair AX860i
Case: Corsair Obsidian 900D

I've built quite a few computers in my life, but never approached before any real liquid cooling aside from AIO solutions (the classic corsair h lineup).
Having however the monstrous 900D already (gifted recently) I just couldn't stand the idea of using it with an AIO solution.

I was therefore planning to get something for my new rig, hopefully without spending too much money as my current budged is fairly low.

What I'd like to cool:
- CPU (obviously)
- The built in heatsink on the motherboard

On the other hand even if it looks fairly cool I was planning to avoid cooling
-- RAM (as far as I know it's nearly useless and fairly expensive)
-- GPUs (way too expensive for now)

From my reasearch (remember I'm a complete beginner in water cooling) I was sent to check out swifttech stuff, and I managed to find the following items, which should be fine in order to archieve the kind of look/coolin solution I want:

1) Pump + CPU block : Swiftech Apogee Drive II -- 145dollars
From the reviews it looks like a pretty awesome solution and also a fairly cheap one, what do you think?

2) Radiator: Swiftech MCRx20-QP "Quiet Power" 3*120 65 bucks
Once again it's a cheap one, and I already own quite a few silent silverstone fans which should just be perfect.
If I'm wrong please let me know

3) Resevoir: MCP35X Reservoir 30 dollars
Swiftech resevoirs seem to be fairly cheap, is this one fine?

4) Coolant: Koolance LIQ-702 Liquid Coolant Bottle, High-Performance, 700mL (UV Red)
I'd like to go for the black/red look on the whole build as it obviusly fits well the rog/860i theme.

5) Tubes: no idea what I need!

6) Fittings: no idea either!

So in the end my problem is... once I found a good radiator/pump/resevoir and chosen the color (red) for the tubes: what else do I need to link it all together? I know both barbed and compression fittings are needed somehow but currently having troubles understanding what I need exactly given the pump, the resevoir and the motherboard.

I've seen a few guides (mostly the one from linus) but as I said not having ever tried anything like that I'm totally new.

Thanks in advance for the help!

edit: as a sidenote, if you see something is wrong : (need more or different radiators fx etc) let me know aswell pls!
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Please have a look at my water cooling guide in my sig as it might help you allot!

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Yup I already read your guide last night, awesome job there!

Slightly before that I had already found the XSPC kits which seemed fine, and your guide confirmed, so I will most likely head in that direction just adding 1) ud red coolance 2) 2 barbs for the motherboard.

Thanks btw
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One more thing. Going throgh the many kits (mostly the one from xspc) I found quite a few option and I'm not sure which one would be the best.

So far from what I managed to understand, when it comes to radiators RX > AX > EX/RS.

Have absolutly no room issues in the obsidian 900d I was wondering what the best option would, given a 200/250 dollars budget (tops).

- Raystorm 750 EX420
- Raystorm 750 AX360

Those are both around the same budget of 200 bucks, at the same time I've also found the variant of the kit with the D5 pump: does it make much of a difference? Under the price pov it does, but no idea about the performance..
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D5 pumps or allot stronger , I suggest getting the one with the D5 and you can add more rads / blocks to it with no issues~

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and thanks for the positive feed back biggrin.gif
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Np really!

One last question: checked the specifics of the pump, and yes the D5 is way ahead. Still don't get what should be better if a EX420 or the AX360, the price is about the same but no idea on that one..
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The more rad you have the better the cooling, get the 420 with d5 pump (:
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Sounds good, thanks once more.
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You are very welcome!
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