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Hi there!

I recently upgraded from windows 7 (where blurays were working fine on total media theatre 6) to windows 8 and suddenly I cannot play bluray at all on powerdvd, totalmedia theatre, or corel windvd pro.

I've tried all 3 software, reinstalled each one, and updated each one to their latest edition. None work.

I've also tried multiple disks (planet earth, life, and frozen planet) and none work.

Lastly, I updated my nvidia drivers (I have a gtx 240) to the latest edition.

For windvd & powerdvd, nothing happens when I press the play button. For total media, the first 5 seconds (usually the FBI warning, and then a few seconds of the intro video) will play and then it'll freeze and stop playing, returning me to TMT's opening screen.

Since 3 different software all failed, my guess here is that there's something else wrong. However, after hours of trying everything I can think of, I cannot figure this out.

If you have any ideas I'd enormously appreciate your help here.

Thank you in advance!!